March 25, 2016

Work With Me

You roll up to the grocery store with a knot in your stomach and begin walking down the aisle of this place you thought you knew like the back of your hand. You grab a box from the shelf, read the label, and wonder what xanthum gum is, as you hear your doctor’s voice in your head saying….

“You can’t eat gluten. Here’s some info.” FINALLY! You know what’s wrong with your body, why you’ve felt so bloated, icky and sick all the time. and there is hope.

Then it sinks in. No bread. No cookies. Is there gluten in butter? Ugh.. no more beer. Your head is spinning and it’s just. too. much.

Want to walk into that grocery store, head held high and fill your cart quickly and simply with nourishging foods? Have your family RAVING over the stuff you are cooking, and friends asking you “So, what’s that diet you’re on?”

Yeah, that’s all TOTALLY possible.

This new diet change can totally suck at first, especially if you’re in it alone. With one-on-one support each step of the way, I can get you feeling like a brand new person. And if you’re wondering – butter doesn’t have gluten 😉

Work with me and you could:

-Have more energy, ditch bloating, and even reduce body aches
-Fall in love with your way of eating (yes, despite all the stuff you cut out of your diet!)
-Grocery shop and cook with ease
-Commit to your diet once and for all!

Private Coaching Package

If you are interested in private coaching, sign up for a free get to know you call with me here, so you can see if coaching is right for you before you commit [no obligation!] We’ll choose your adventure and get you on track.

Personal Gluten Freedom  – 8-week one-on-one health coaching
ditch the gluten once and for all, and feel free*

  • What the GF am I doing here?! – what is gluten and what to eat instead of gluten (hint: yummy food)
  • How to read labels so you’re not tricked into eating gluten – personal support on your first trip to the grocery store with your new knowledge
  • Filling up your plate with delicious, naturally gluten free foods that you and your family with love
  • How to be your own GFF (gluten free friend) – advocate for yourself, enjoy eating meals out of your kitchen, and how to deal with the nagging gluten eaters in your life
  • Weekly video chat sessions – you will have my full support and we will focus on you and your health
  • Unlimited e-mail support between sessions – yes, that means you can e-mail and text me as much as you want between our weekly vid chats.
  • You get your own personal cheerleader, motivational speaker, and #1 ally! (that’s me!)

*Paleo and Low Carb/Keto approaches are totally doable too!

VIP Sessions

What the GF is this stuff? – 3 hour kick start session via vid chat

  • What gluten is & what to eat instead (hint: yummy food)
  • How to read labels so you’re not tricked into eating gluten
  • Your own personalized [gluten free, yum-FULL] grocery list & starter meals
  • How to experience gluten freedom and deal with the pushy gluten eaters in your life