Raindrops on Roses: Joy Essential Oil

Joy to the World, it’s so darn hot. Happy Christmas in July! This is my favorite time of year, despite the weather. This is the heat of summer – literally and figuratively. First of all, there’s so much going on. Now, maybe we are in a routine or finally just relaxing.. but there is still plenty of time before[…]

Frankincense Essential Oil

What is the best way to use Frankincense Essential Oil? Today I will talk about different uses for Frankincense Essential Oil and how it can help in your daily routine. Additionally, I will mention a few other blends and natural products that use Frankincense as a key ingredient – if you are ready to order,[…]

How to Use Essential Oils

How to Use Essential Oils

Welcome! Not only will I explain how to use essential oils, you will be ready to share all of this excitement before you finish this post! If you already know how to use essential oils, click here to order wholesale OR keep reading to find out why you should join my team đŸ˜† What are essential oils? Essential oils[…]