Gluten Free on a Budget: How to Save Money on your Diet 

The Money Thing: Gluten Free On a Budget A couple reasons I hear when people want to ditch their gluten free diet is that it’s “too expensive” and “eating gluten free on a budget isn’t possible.” Now, at face value that may seem true. My first reaction is to say, “What you will spend on money you will[…]

How to Cook a Pumpkin: Roasted Pumpkin Seeds (Part 3)

Roasted pumpkin seeds are arguably the star of the show when it comes to cooking a whole pumpkin. Although, I will have to admit pumpkin soup has stolen my heart (missed it? Click for part one and part two). In this post you’ll learn why pumpkin seeds are good for us, and how to roast[…]

How to Cook a Pumpkin: The Actual Pumpkin (Part 1)

The Pumpkin Problem Pumpkin is everywhere this time of year – people are going to pumpkin patches, carving jack-o-lanterns, and enjoying a warm pumpkin spice latte. What a time to be alive! But have you ever cooked a whole pumpkin? I didn’t cook a whole pumpkin until last year. On Halloween, I was looking for something[…]

Breaking up with sugar: when treating yourself isn’t the answer

Breaking up with sugar seems like a fad, and it’s under a lot of scrutiny. Why? Well, 1. because it’s hard, and 2. Sugar is a multi billion dollar industry. It’s literally people’s jobs to find articles on natural health and post something with the opposite opinion. So today I’m doing the opposite: this article[…]

Squash Squoodles

Squash Your Carnivores Will Actually Eat

Squoodles and Bacon and Guac – OH MY! What’s a squoodle? Why, I’m so glad you asked! They are summer squash, made into noodles. Kind of like zoodles, but with a different squash variety. Yeah, you’ll need a spiralizer, but I promise – it’s worth every penny. This recipe came from that all-too-familiar place of, “We[…]