Do you want to dine out this weekend?


Of course you do!

But, when you have food allergies and dietary preferences, it can be a headache. I used to find myself thinking “OMG this waitress is going to hate me.. my friends must be sooo tired of hearing my restaurant intro.” Sometimes, I even put my health at risk by holding back. At my worst, I just didn’t go out to eat, or would just order drinks.

Seriously, my fear of judgment and inability to stand up for myself lead to many brunches that consisted of purely mimosas. I mean, there are worse things, but MAN think of all the delicious brunch food I missed out on!

That’s why I am here. So you don’t miss out. Check out my video above, all about dining out gluten free!

If you want to make that shift – from a foodless brunch, to loving every minute of every meal – join my community coaching program. I would seriously love to have you, so you don’t miss out on brunch. And I mean, the rest of life too. But definitely brunch.

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