What your health coach does on the weekend


Ever wonder what your health coach does on the weekend? Surely she’s not gorging herself with ice cream or drowning herself in wine. Or is she? So what does YOUR health coach really do on the weekend?

Short answer: she plays! Not only is playing fun, but it is one of the things you can start doing, like RIGHT NOW to improve your health. So today I’m going to give you a taste of what it’s like to be a health coach on the weekend.

To kick off August, I went to the most awesome, crazy cool event in the history of the world ever, a spectacular celebration my hometown calls “Canoe Carnival.” This description will not do it justice, but I will do my best. Any Lakers out there feel free to jump in the comments to help a sister out. Basically, it’s a parade. But instead of on land, it’s on a lake. Instead of building the floats on a vehicle and driving it around the street, the floats are built on top of canoes, and there are paddlers to take it around the lake. Instead of keeping to yourself, everyone is your best friend. In summary – it’s one giant weekend party. Here are some pictures to help you out:

Things I did this Canoe Carnival weekend: had a few glasses of wine (girl’s gotta treat herself every once and a while, right?) and it was blueberry so really it’s okay. Moving on. I paddled around the lake with my parents and Poppy, stopped at a couple parties along the way, and even transported a case of beer via canoe. I saw tons of friends, old and new – and had such a great time at the parties I went to (thanks Pegg and Susan!)

The following weekend, we went to an amazing Moroccan restaurant on South Street to celebrate our friend’s birthday (hi Sam!) and it was SO delicious. Not to mention, I could eat MOST of the 7 courses, even with my special diet. I was a happy clam. Great food, great friends, great wine times.

Then, on Friday, as if we couldn’t get enough of each other – we did an escape room! This was the second one we’ve done at ESC Philly, and it was just as fun as the first. So what happens is, you go into a room, you are locked in, and you have to try to break out by finding the key to the door. In this case, there was a premise: we were moving out of an apartment that was about to be demolished, and we had been locked inside, and the key was lost. After several clues and lots of using our brains, playing with boxes and Jenga pieces, we ALMOST broke free. We didn’t “win” but we had tons of fun, so in my book, that’s a win.

Next, I went to the Franklin Fountain to get ice cream. What, you thought I was joking about that one? Nope! It’s a famous creamery, featured on Man vs. Food and the line is always out the door. But, it’s the only place in the city [world?] I can get gluten free, dairy free, refined sugar free ice cream. Not to mention, it’s BANGIN’! And they give it to you in Chinese take out containers, so that’s fun too. Can you guess what flavors I got?

Finally, as if that was enough fun for the weekend – I went to a Phillies game and met up with some of my Phi Mu alumnae sisters! It was super stinkin’ hot, and I almost didn’t go – but I went in the name of fun, and had a blast. The Phillies walked away with a W, and we almost saw one of those fake baseball fights. I enjoyed several glasses of ice cold water, perfect during a heat wave, and my friends got their ice cream fix.

Overall, my summer weekends have been phenomenal. Yeah, sure I cooked healthy food and did some exercise, but life is all about getting out there and having fun. Eat, Play, Love. Now that you know what your health coach does on the weekend, share with me what your weekend is like!

What do you do for fun? If you want more fun, friends, and good times – without leaving your house – hop on over to my super fun facebook group, Eat Play Love.

Oh, and if you missed it – you’ll want to snag my recipe guide so you can cook up some scrumptious food and join the #AugustFun challenge.

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