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Joy to the World, it’s so darn hot. Happy Christmas in July! This is my favorite time of year, despite the weather. This is the heat of summer – literally and figuratively. First of all, there’s so much going on. Now, maybe we are in a routine or finally just relaxing.. but there is still plenty of time before Labor Day hits.

The height of summer is great for beach trips. Jersey blueberries. Farmers’ markets. And of course, thunderstorms! I love those guys, if not just for the puddle jumping. Sitting on the porch and listening to the rain used to bring me Joy. But, since Poppy came into my life, I’m not the biggest fan. She HATES storms. Scared shitless. She is in my bed with the first rumble of thunder. Under the covers, as close to me as she can possible get. Then I turn on “relaxing dog music” and I feel like Maria from The Sound of Music. But instead, I am singing “bacon and plaayyying and chasing some squirrels” and she still has no idea what the hell is going on. because she’s a dog.

My Favorite Things

So during the last crazy storm, hail and all, I used one of my favorite essential oil blends to calm her: Joy! I added some Stress Away – because Poppy hates plain lavender – and her anxiety decreased significantly; if I had to guess… by 75%! She wasn’t shaking nearly as much (compared to Stress Away alone). She was able to relax. SCORE! So, all I did was put both Joy + Stress Away in the diffuser, and held the bottle of Joy close to her nose. She liked it, and sniffed some more – win!

Not only did Joy comfort Poppy, it made the house smell AMAZING and actually put me in a good mood too. Because it’s rosy, vibrant, and citrusy, it’s the perfect combo. So you’ll just have to smell for yourself.

Here are some other ways you can use Joy:

  • To make your house smell like you just cleaned it! It’s lemony and floral, so it’s the perfect air freshener. Plus, it inspires togetherness & your friends will think you have your sh*t together.
  • Comforting yourself and relaxing you without putting you to sleep. The citrus oils will keep you perky.
  • Makes you happy and puts you in a good mood. Seriously, it’s called Joy, you didn’t expect this one?!
  • As perfume! Rub a drop on each wrist, and put some behind your neck. There, now you smell sexy and irresistible.
  • In your deodorant. Spoiler alert: this is my move. Who WOULDN’T want to start the day rubbing something on your pits that smells like lemon cake and puts you in a good mood?
  • Calms anxiety and releases tension. Great if you want to give yourself a massage, mood boosting bath, or an afternoon yoga sesh.

These are just my favorite uses, yet there are plenty more!! Let me know in the comments how you use it. Maybe you don’t have Joy [or Stress Away] and want some?! Order here. Or, you can e-mail me and I will hook you up with some specials 😉

Don’t forget to have fun!


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