4 Things You Can Do Today


4 things (1)I’m often asked, what can I do RIGHT NOW to be healthy? Well, it really depends on your goals. A healthy lifestyle is more than just a quick fix overnight, and could take even a few months to truly notice a difference [don’t hate me]. That being said – there are a few easy ways to get started, right now – and they aren’t even that hard! Change begins with a single step.

So do these things right now or you will die tomorrow. Just kidding. You don’t *have* to do anything. I mean, you might have to go to work. But you could also duck out to catch a charizard. You could maybe do some laundry and fold it. Or ball it up on the bed. 

Or instead, you could do these simple things to improve your health and sanity. Like right now. Seriously, there’s no reason to wait until tomorrow to do this stuff. Of course, you don’t have to do these things – but I highly recommend it.

1. Eat the yolk

Crack an egg – and put the whole thing in a pan – and eat the yolk. I’ve said it before and I will keep saying it until EVERY SINGLE ON OF YOU embraces the yolk and stops throwing it out. I’m so serious about this. Have breakfast for dinner. Fry it up in bacon grease. It’s the best meal anyway. Why anyone eats anything other than breakfast is beyond me. 

Breakfast Cure

Not only is fat super yummy, it fills us up, helps us have shiny hair, and can even help balance hormones. Full bellies + happy hormones = perky people. See for yourself.

If you REALLY feel compelled to toss part of an egg, ditch the white.

2. Get outside

Go outside right now!!! NO DON’T PUT SUNSCREEN ON!! Won’t the sun fry you up and kill you? No, you have that confused with being on the surface of mars. Sunlight is crucial to health. We need it for our brains, to carry out basic bodily functions, to keep us awake.

Seriously, when the sun comes up it tells our bodies “Time to wake up and start the day!!” When it goes down, it means it’s time for bed. When you stay inside all day, your body remembers those cave man days – and sends the signal that 1. maybe it’s time to sleep? or 2. something is Wrong. Why am I stuck in the cave..?! SHIT, GOTTA CONSERVE SOME ENERGY MAYBE THERE’S LIKE A TIGER OR SOME SHIT OUTSIDE OR FAMINE?!! AHHH!!! But when you go outside, your body soaks up some sun, and everything is okay. Bonus if you go barefoot or dig in the dirt.

***Time sun exposure – too much of anything is bad. There’s an app for this, thank goodness – called D Minder – download it!

3. Move your body

Go for a walk, do some yoga, pilates, crossfit, dance in your room, run around the playground with your kids. Seriously, it really doesn’t matter. There’s tons of science behind exercise and why you should weight train, do cardio, etc. – but sometimes getting into that type of routine can be overwhelming. It doesn’t have to be complicated.

If you sit all day, getting up from your desk to walk 5-10 minutes can help offset the deadly effects of sitting. Yes folks, sitting is deadly. Sorry to break it to ya. 

How not to die step 1 – just move!! Even if you are just walking around town catching Pokemon. Humans are meant to be moving. We women would be gathering berries and shit with children strapped to our bodies. Men, go fishing and fix stuff for us [please]. Actually, it’s blueberry season so if you REALLY want to embrace the primal lifestyle, you could actually do that. But really – just take your dog for a walk, explore around the building on a break, or get off one bus stop sooner. It all counts!Phoebe Runs

4. Play

This is my favorite one. Not only has science proven that play can help develop the brains of young children, play is actually beneficial for adults too. Play can lead to success!! WHAT? something fun can lead us to success? You betcha. So get out there and play. Bonus points if it involves running barefoot outside.

“But I have to do chores and be an adult..” Hold that thought. I even play when I’m doing chores! Doing dishes – you bet Friends is playing on Netflix. Gotta walk my dog? I’m helpin’ her track down gophers. Maybe you go for a run.. try running Phoebe style. Find a kid to play tag with (preferably one you know..) Just get out there and plain old have fun!

Do you think you can do at least one of these things, right now? Improving your life is about taking one step at a time. It doesn’t have to be complicated, and it doesn’t have to be boring! Let me know what you picked!




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