Free Money


Okay so I had to drop everything to write this post, because I cannot believe this is happening right now (okay, not everything – I am still nomming on my Chipotle. THAT’S how good this is)

Recently Brie and I had a session with Ani Anderson – life coach and good fortune extraordinaire (my words not hers. she is amazing) – about money. She used “The Four Agreements” to challenge our current beliefs and make us think. Now, I love The Four Agreements, have read it twice, and recently moved onto the companion book – but this short session with Ani was more eye-opening than all of the hours I spent trying to make sense of the book. The ideas presented to us were so out of our comfort zone – we were giggling and saying things like “My brain hurts” and “I get that, BUT –” trying to justify our current ways of thinking. After this money chat, I started thinking about money [and life] differently. Note: I say STARTED. Not practiced diligently, not mastered the craft – STARTED. And amazing things are happening already – money is FLOWING – it’s only been a couple days….

I was out at a doctor’s appointment, getting a lovely bee venom injection to combat my Borelia/Lyme infection (just as painful as it sounds) and I had made plans to pick up a shelf from a woman who posted in a yard sale Facebook group. This shelf will go excellently in my new apartment and hold all of Poppy’s accessories for walks (you were dying to know that). Last week, I would have been giving myself a hard time – saying things like “I shouldn’t spend money on this, I don’t NEED it – I SHOULD be spending money just on my medical bills” and so on. BUT today, thank you to Ani’s advice – I was thinking differently. I thought – “Wow, how cool – someone is getting rid of this shelf, just as I need something like it in my life!” The pick up location was also very close to my doctor, so I thought, “Even better – it’s meant to be!” This whole process of dealing with my appointment, going to the ATM, getting the shelf took soooo long, I began aching for some yummy food.

Like Five Guys. Those greasy fries doused in peanut oil. MMMM fries. I do not eat fries – they send my narcolepsy symptoms skyrocketing. But I was so hungry and had to drive right by the dumb wonderful restaurant. Enter Chipotle. To quote my sister, “If I get Chipotle, at least I’m making a more informed poor decision.” So I ordered ahead – wrote my allergy note on the app – and started driving. At this point, I am trying to alter my thoughts – instead of letting my brain say “I can’t afford this, I just spent $10 on a shelf!!” – I said – “I know spending money on a good meal rather than a poor one will help me feel better and this will be worth the alternative.” Because self-control is not at play here. I was ravenous and would eat whatever I could, and I sure as anything was not going to cook when I got home. So I do my TJ’s stop, then head over Chipotle – 20 minutes after my pick up time. Oops. And my meal was NOT ready. Commence crazy thoughts.

The old me would have said something like “UGH I am so annoyed, I cannot believe it’s not ready!!!” And maybe demanded free chips or guac or something. But the reason why it was delayed: they weren’t sure how to handle the allergy note – I guess these employees were new to this. So I said, “All good! This way it is fresher!” I would rather it be allergy-free than ready on time. So I was ever-so-patiently waiting – during the lunch rush, mind you – and the cashier comes over and says “Excuse me? There’s a problem with your card on file – it didn’t go through.” So I said “Oops – let me run out to my car and get it.” So she says …  wait for it … “No worries – it’s on us today!!” BAM. FREE CHIPOTLE. Just like that. Free money. Reward for a healthy decision. Sign that today is a good day. Whatever you call it, it worked. $10 out and $10 right back in. Thank you Universe. And with that, I skipped to my car.

Free Money

If this is just the beginning, I cannot wait to see what is in store. Thank you Ani for leading me to this new outlook on life!

Laugh Often,


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