Open Letter to my Bathtub


Dear Bathtub,

I want to thank you for being there in times of need. At the end of those days when I just give up. When filling you up with salts, oils, and clay is my saving grace.

For all those times I abandoned you, when I spent time showering at camp or even sometimes in a lake… I missed you. When I came home to a spider that ventured up the drain – I’m sorry I screamed. and yelled, and threw stuff at you. I know it’s not your fault.

Thanks for taking the heat when I make the water too hot. When I sit, and wait – your patience means everything.

For somehow withstanding the harsh chemicals I once used to clean your beautiful, laminate exterior – your forgiveness eases my mind. I didn’t mean to drop a shampoo bottle so many times it cracked your smooth, sleek finish. Those days are over, and I will try to treat you with care.

I know my hour long soaks are a stark contrast to the days of childhood, when you let me savor bath time as it turned into play time. But I promise – this is just as important.

Thank you, bathtub, for everything you have been and everything you will be.

Your Faithful Bather


This post is dedicated to my “Girls Group” and everyone else dealing with Lyme Disease – to quote my doctor, “it’s not for sissies!” Learn more here.




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