Today Was Hard


Today was hard.

I checked the weather for St Thomas and rain is predicted every day.

I hate the cold and today was hard.

I had to make phone calls for work and my phone died like 7 times. That was hard.

I cried because I hate winter and then I ordered a sun lamp from Amazon. It won’t be here until Monday.

Today was hard and I’m not sorry about it. 

Sad Plop

My sister and I attended a yoga class with Rachel Brathen (aka (yoga_girl) a few weeks back, and one panticipant asked in the Q&A, something like, “What’s the best advice for being yourself?” For those of you who don’t know who Rachel is, she is an inspirational woman who is unapologetically herself and pours her honest truth out on Instagram and just spreads love and beauty like it’s her job. I don’t remember her exact words, but she said basically said something along the lines of “just do it” and “it’s so much easier to be yourself.” And that’s so freakin true. I’m not saying that anything on my blog or on social media is a lie, but I rarely post about bad days – who wants to reat that?

Tonight I broke a mirror. Like literally just walked by it and it fell over and shattered into a million pieces. Today was so hard, that didn’t even bother me. Maybe I’ll have seven years of bad luck, maybe I won’t.

There were good things that happened today, like I got to eat breakfast with my boyfriend (thanks for cleaning up) and my mom made salmon for dinner and helped clean up the broken mirror (thanks mom)…but today was still hard. So, to everyone who is struggling with whatever it is you’re struggling with – know that it’s okay. I know you all have invisible backpacks of all shapes and sizes – it’s okay. Life is not perfect, despite the gorgeous appearance of my blog or social media presence. Rachel is right – it’s easier to be your true, authentic self. And I will not apologize for that from now on.

Rachel Green

But it’s a new day and it’s even going to be the weekend soon. So watch an episode of friends, eat sone bacon, and start over.

Laugh Often,





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