What’s up with Stress?


Welcome to the first “What’s Up Wednesday” — a new feature I am going to try out. It will be something I did/heard/learned/ate/made etc. this week — some posts will be longer than others but definitely more casual and not anything too earth-shattering [I think?!] and I want you guys to engage in these, too! [insert puppy dog eyes: PLEASE]

This Wednesday we are talking about STRESS. I had an appointment with my chiropractor earlier this week, and I was reminded to think about the true definition of stress. Being “stressed out” happens when your body is adapting to change — physically or even mentally — and you may not even realize it.

Stress: what it is and how to deal with itWhen I heard this, a light bulb just lit up! Seriously, it’s sitting over my head right now. It’s one of the old ones too, none of this new-fangled, swirly, energy efficient stuff. Hearing this reminder about stress just *clicked* for me.

If you’re stressed right now, it could just be that the weather is changing, and your body is mad at you; to you this could be seemingly “for no reason” — but hey — your studly bod JUST got used to the warm weather we had over the holidays, and then it was 12 degrees?! It’s hard for many of us mentally, but think about how hard it is for our bodies to adapt to extremes like this. It’s tough, and usually doesn’t happen overnight. Also, if you made any type of drastic resolution for 2016, your body might be adapting to that as well — keep it up and see if that changes!

So this week, remember to do some stress relieving activities and be good to your precious body. Personally, I love me some yoga. Not only do I enjoy practicing yoga, its benefits have been researched and proven. Those who practice yoga and mindfulness feel better emotionally, and that can work wonders on your overall health [source].  I’m talkin’ improved digestion, happiness levels, body pains.. the list goes on! Even if I can only get in a few poses and some mindfulness some days, I notice a difference. Not to brag or anything, but I’ll be kickin’ it with Rachel Brathen (aka Yoga Girl) this weekend on The Gratitude Tour!

What do you guys think? Is your body stressed for “no reason” or now that we talked about it, can you think of something that might be bothering you? I’d love to hear what you do for stress relief — leave some comments for me!

Stress Less & Laugh Often,





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