Want What You Want


You may have heard it – the law of attraction. If you want something, send those positive thoughts out there, want what you want, and you will get it. Apparently this is the premise to a book called “The Secret” which I’ve never read… People are always telling me to read it, which is likely why I have yet to pick it up. But is it really that easy?

I spent the afternoon with my mom, and as usual that means we are running errands and chatting. We were both filling out our “reusable bag lottery tickets” at Trader Joe’s when she looked up  said, “Wait we both get one?” and I said “Don’t worry about it, I filled mine out. I know I’m going to win.” After an exchange of some bag jokes with the cashier, we left, and I said – “I’ll just put it on my vision board – hey, let’s make vision boards tomorrow!”

What she said next is something I have been hearing a lot. It’s also likely why you don’t have what you want. She said “I don’t know what I would put on the board – because I don’t know what I want!” So I prompted her to think about it, and like I had when I was initially asked this question, she rattled off a long list of items that sounded pretty nice. We briefly talked about it, then jumped onto some other topics. So she sent out those positive thoughts – much like I had – but IS it that easy??

The 20 pages of notes in my journal tell me yes and no. If all I had to do was send out a positive thought, I would have graduated college at top of my class and you would find me sitting on a beach right now. Everyone in the tri-state area would have won a piece the power ball winnings. I DO believe in the power of positive thinking, but it’s not quite that simple.

I recently [virtually] attended a workshop that was all about having the best year of your life! Basically, we discussed what we wanted – why, and how to get it – delving deep into each of these topics and gaining some clarity. If you’ve never done anything like this before – I HIGHLY recommend getting some guidance.

My takeaway from the workshop: want what you want, then go get it! There are so many different schools of thought on how to live your life, anywhere from meditating every morning, to syncing your physiology with lunar cycles. Maybe if I read “The Secret” that would be another good option…

Want What You Want

There is a laundry list of things I want: direction, money, seeing my friends more often, spending more time with Nick, hanging out with my puppy more. I want to go on adventures, be more positive, pay attention to self care, go to yoga classes, work out more, be happy… the list goes on.

To REALLY narrow down my wish list, I had to figure out WHY I wanted those things, and what that was going to look like. After a ton of reflection and soul-searching, I realized the feeling I would get when I got most of these things was “comfortable.” Being comfortable being my true, authentic self, being comfortable with money (not having to worry about student loans, eek!), feeling free to travel.. and just going with the flow. Wouldn’t it be amazing if I could just relax, life life, and not worry about any of these things?

Well, guess what – I am doing it. Of course it’s not an overnight process, as simple as putting a positive thought out. I don’t “have” all of those things right this second. It takes work. It took me nearly a month to realize why I wanted these things, and how I would feel when I got them. Now I am allowing myself to want these things! That is a big part of the process. Want what you want. It might seem weird, or maybe selfish to let ourselves want so many things..maybe it’s just one thing you want..but why not? If I am going to be committed to getting the things I am asking for, there is absolutely no reason I can’t have everything and be happy. That’s what life is about – being happy! And we have to take responsibility for our own lives and go after that happiness. I have a plan, I’m writing about it every day, and I am talking about it. I’m doing it!

If you’ve seen me posting about yoga a lot, it’s because that is one of my main goals. If I can strengthen my body and calm my mind through this process in my practice, my mind and body will have strength to get through life, and help me get the things I want – I know this to be true. I am so excited for what this chapter of my life is becoming. I am going to get what I want, and the transformation I have begun is so liberating – I cannot wait to see what is going to happen!

My advice to you: want what you want – then go get it.

Live well. Laugh Often,





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