Barre Class


Hello, hello! What’s up? Today I went to my first barre class. If you’re wondering what all the hype was about – it was an amazing class! I’m not a ballerina by any means, and the closest I ever got to dance after the ripe age of 4 was cheerleading.

I was super nervous at first and not really sure. Kind of like this:


But I just went for it, did my best, and I now have major respect for ballerinas and all dancers. It’s called barre because.. You hold onto a barre. Duh. But if you were wondering.image


Basically, I was doing squats (for lack of a better term) in a bunch of dance positions, and I will be sore for days! I’ve been practicing yoga, and for my fellow yogis – imagine doing poses similar to moon flower & sunflower, holding onto a bar, and turning your legs out, and plié-ing for ten 8-counts… And then going up on your toes and doing it all over again. Then going into a warrior III like pose with the barre, and pulsing your leg for 5 minutes, while up on your toes and rotating your hips. For an hour. Don’t forget to lift your pelvis and activate your core! If you’re looking to change your workout routine, I highly recommend it – it’s defintiely one of the better full-body work outs I’ve done. Let me know what you think.. Are there any other classes I should try?! Live well, friends!

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